Most commissions I do are pet portraits but I'm open to other types of pictures as well. I work from your photos and take one or two weeks to complete.

Commission sizes and prices:

8x8" - $80,   10x10" - $120,  12x12" - $175


Animal painting photo guidelines:

Be sure the photos you send are either outdoors in bright natural light or inside with adequate lighting.  Strong light that casts shadows helps define the puppy's’/kitty's’ shape. Black animals need lots of light. The best place to take pictures of them is in full sun. 

Please do not use a flash!  It flattens out the shapes and the colors and makes the photo look sad and dull. 

High contrast photos will yield better paintings than photos that are all mid-tones. Here is a test: if you squint (and squint hard!) at the photo, or if you convert it to gray scale, and your pet is still clearly visible, then it’s a good candidate. If the edges get mushy then it’s maybe not so good.

Get far enough away from your pet that you get good perspective. If he is too close to the camera all you see is big nose. Which isn’t usually a good look in a painting.

Get down on the same level as your pet, like get down on the floor. It gives the animal dignity,  it makes cats feel safe and with dogs you are more likely to see their smiles.

Try to have your complete pet in the frame.  Paws and ears and so forth are easy to crop out if that makes a good painting but hard to add if they are missing from the photo.

Think about what you pet likes to do. What expresses his/her personality.  Does he like to sleep in a particular position?  Does she wait at the door in a certain way? Play with a certain toy? 

Action shots such as running, swimming, fetching and so forth can be very lively and full of personality. But make sure they are well lit and are in focus (more or less).

Now that you have some photos with promise, send me several, along with a verbal description of your pet’s personality, habits and special qualities. That way I can get to know them a little bit. let me know what attributes you want to see, such as for example, his feisty personality or how she has that certain look.